What does PS mean in workout?

PS is the workout you go to at the end of each of your training sessions.

What does PS mean in Crossfit?

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AMRAP: As Many reps/Rounds as Possible BW: Body Weight
Rds: rounds in a workout OTM: on the min
WOD: Workout of the Day KB: Kettle Bell
TNG: touch and Go RKBS: Russian Kettle Bell Swing
P: Press (strict shoulder press) AKBS: American Kettle Bell Swing

What are the 3 Ps of bench press?

To achieve maximum pressing power, you must develop all three key muscle groups of the Bench Press: Lats, Shoulders and Triceps.

What is a PB weight?

PB. Wat? Personal Best. Definition: Your PB is pretty self-explanatory – it can refer to a sportsperson’s highest score in a game, fastest time on the track or most heaviest weight they’ve ever lifted.

What is PPS in weight training?


What does PRVN stand for?

The meaning of PRVN abbreviation is “Pacific Rim Vetiver Network” What does PRVN mean? PRVN as abbreviation means “Pacific Rim Vetiver Network”

What does DBL stand for in CrossFit?

30 double-unders. 20 jumping lunges. 10 pull-ups. Share your at-home modifications and rounds completed in each AMRAP in comments.

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Does triceps affect your bench?

The triceps have an important role in the bench press. If your triceps are weak, then you’ll struggle to lock the weight out. I always say to my athletes: “you should never fail a bench press rep at lock-out”. Therefore, strong triceps are necessary in order to maximize your strength on the bench press.

Is wide grip bench stronger?

An analysis conducted by Lehman (2005) on the muscles recruited in different styles of bench press showed that a wide grip bench press recruits the pec muscles twice as much as the triceps when compared with a shoulder-width (narrow) grip.

What does PB stand for gym?

PB is short for “personal best” and measures your top performance for a specific exercise, class or studio. Wear the Fiit device to track your stats during a workout.

What is a bench PB?

The PB Extreme Adjustable Weight Bench has a hydraulic piston assist for quick and easy workout adjustments. *Due to the size and weight of the PB Extreme Adjustable Bench, a shipping surcharge will be added to this item at checkout.

What is a PB exercise?

When someone talks about a personal record (PR), also sometimes referred to as PB for personal best, it means they beat their best race time, lifted their heaviest weight, or otherwise topped their previous best effort in an activity. If there ever was an occasion for giving knuckles in the gym, it’s a PR!

What is working out with weights called?

Weight training is an organized exercise in which muscles of the body are forced to contract under tension using weights, body weight or other devices in order to stimulate growth, strength, power, and endurance. Weight training is also called “resistance training” and “strength training.”

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What is AvD exercise?

AvD stands for Alex versus Daniel. Notably, whilst the workouts loosely feature Daniel and Alex trying to ‘defeat’ one another with exercises, this is a front. … If you’re looking for a workout that delves deep on technique and form, these are unlikely to be for you.

What are PD body building?

A well-known example involves doping in sport, where banned physical performance-enhancing drugs are used by athletes and bodybuilders. … Athletic performance-enhancing substances are sometimes referred to as ergogenic aids.

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