What does RDS mean in CrossFit?

Rds: rounds in a workout. OTM: on the min. WOD: Workout of the Day.

What does RR mean in CrossFit?

“What does RX mean?” Basically every new CrossFit athlete that joins the gym asks that question within their first few classes. RX means doing the WOD with the movement, reps, and weight as prescribed.. so not scaling the workout and doing it as written on the whiteboard.

What is FS in CrossFit?

FS: Front Squat. GHR(D): Glute ham raise (developer). Posterior chain exercise, like a back extension. Also, the device that allows for the proper performance of a GHR. GHR(D) Sit-up: Sit-up done on the GHR(D) bench.

What does AB stand for in CrossFit?

KTE = Knees to Elbows (ab exercise – hanging, arms straight, from pull up bar, bending up at the waist to raise your knees to touch your elbows)

What does RFT stand for?

RFT means “Right First Time” or “Rounds For Time”.

What does Amrap 4 mean?

AMRAP is an acronym popularized by CrossFit that stands for “As Many Rounds As Possible” or “As Many Reps As Possible,” depending on the structure of the workout.

What does Bob mean in CrossFit?

BOB: ball (or body) over box. BBOB: ball and body over box. BS: back squat. BW: body weight. C&J: clean and jerk.

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What is RDS exercise?

Rds: rounds in a workout. OTM: on the min. WOD: Workout of the Day.

What does RFT mean in employment?

Regular (RFT)—Employed on a regularly scheduled 40-hour basis for a nonspecified period. …

What is RFT at Walgreens?

Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) Retail Finance Transformation (RFT) program involves implementation of SAP ECC across all DCs and 8000+ stores, and data migration from legacy to the new SAP system.

What does RFT mean in business?

Meaning. RFT. Request for Tender. RFT. Rational Functional Tester (Internet testing tool)

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